Security systems

We are ready to design and install state-of-the-art security systems according to the needs of our customers. Our offer includes closed camera systems, surface and space protection devices, property protection systems, access control systems and satellite tracking equipment.

In addition to our information gathering activity, we strive to protect the financial data of our clients. We can design and equip meeting rooms and office spaces designated for data and information protection and conduct a complex information protection screening of those premises the client wishes to use for confidential meetings.

Unlike our competitors, we are not resellers of security equipment – we are looking for complex solutions to our partners’ problems. We import, install and maintain the security equipment required for the solutions.

Electronic Document Processing

More and more companies and institutions decide to digitize paper documents that are difficult to handle and can present unnecessary storage problems. Given that the sole volume of documents to be processed is in more cases than not is considerable, individual companies simply cannot undertake such a task in house utilizing their own workforce and limited tools.

Our company assessed the market and reacted swiftly by offering advanced tools, technologies and the necessary workforce needed. Our service is more than just scanning paper documents and converting them to electronic files, we offer complex, structured digital processing of the files.

We are ready to digitize and process documents ranging from standard office sizes to A0 or above. We are capable of scanning and archiving documents that require special care such as blueprints and official legal documents all according to the client’s requirements. Document processing can be supplemented by electronic authentication. All phases of digitization are strictly controlled. We also make the necessary corrections in the text and offer to create a special workflow that allows continuous digitalization process.