Consultation on debt collection

Our company offers a professional and efficient way to collect late receivables and outstanding debts from non-paying debtors. Our service differs from the operation of the other debt management companies since in addition to the telephone calls urging payment, our staff personally locates debtors, so we can enforce the interests of our clients through individual offers. This service can be performed successfully even for thousands of debtors. We have been handling these type of situations since 2009, and our methods have always been based on personal meetings and individual agreements.

All the members of our Safety Workout staff is subjected to vetting and are thoroughly selected and trained. Our activity is always tailored to the needs of our clients, The first step is to locate the debtor, make a deal with them, even investigate his assets. If an agreement cannot be reached, we will assist you with your legal proceedings. Our partners in all legal proceedings is the law firm of Tesenyi & Partners Attorneys’ Association. They have decades of professional experience on the field of debt collection.