We provide property protection service through our qualified, professional staff. The existing qualifications and continuous training of our employees guarantee confident but polite demeanor, precise and controlled execution of tasks, and the guarantee for tailoring our team to support the customer’s business processes.

In addition to providing security services for the offices, stores, branches and other locations, we provide event security, as well as discreet or demonstrative personal protection and chauffeur services. In addition we can provide mobile assets, standby- and resident services. Unlike of main competitors, we do not only provide our clients the personnel to secure their premises – you can trust us to come up with a full protection plan of your facility or event from design to completion.

Detective service for commercial entities

In-store Detective Services are also part of our portfolio. The purpose of having these professionals on site is to eliminate the chance for theft, to have someone properly investigate if one occurs and to prevent recurrence. We are working with experienced detectives, private investigators and professionals capable of conducting a complete inventory audit should the need arise for such thing. Our services include guarding the premises, professional supervision and security auditing of the activities of the client’s own security personnel, inventory control, opening and closing of the store and complete testing the of security systems, even during the opening hours. Additionally, we also conduct a comprehensive background check of all employees in the sales unit.

For department stores and smaller shops we also offer our test shopping services. Having conducted a test, you can objectively evaluate the quality of customer service and other services provided by your employees. Our team of experts create a unique measurement method for each client to get the most accurate picture of the quality of the services offered in their stores.

In addition to summing up the results of the test purchases, our staff helps us to develop strategies that would help eliminating the harm caused by negligence or intent, and to help our clients make their services more professional, thus enhancing customer satisfaction.

Property management

Our team of experts has been active in the field of property management for years, handling office buildings, industrial property units, retail spaces, residential parks and hotels. Our company provides complete administration, technical supervision and maintenance for all kinds of properties. With the help of our external consultants, we are actively involved in the screening process of a property before it is due to be handed over. Our team of experts can solve any legal, technical and financial problem that may arise.

Our company handles contracts and deals  with tenants. If asked, we are ready to propose cost-cutting measures regarding the operation and management of our clients’ property. We meet the technical, technical needs of the tenants in the shortest and most cost-effective way possible. In addition we provide the financial representation of our foreign partners through our well-established banking network. We put great emphasis on the continuous flow of information provided for our clients regarding their investment and property. In order to facilitate a successful and mutually beneficial  co-operation, we will send detailed monthly reports to our partners written in their language of preference.

We offer solutions to all the problems that may arise in connection with property management. We are able to handle joint representation of apartment buildings,  official administration, accounting and guardianship, maintenance or even horticultural work. On the engineering side our experts can deal with all kinds of building related problems from electrical works, wiring, fireproofing and installing lightning protection.