Competition market information acquisition, analysis and evaluation, information protection

We recommend our strategic decision-making, support, and information-gathering activities to those who want to strengthen the competitiveness of their firms. A complex data and information gathering process, along with competitor monitoring, strategic decision-making, industry situation analysis by developing opportunities and forecasts is part of the package we are offering to our clients. In addition, we also conduct focused news monitoring and news analysis.

Credit check and research

We are capable of analyzing, finding and resolving security risks threatening the daily operation and integrity of our clients’ businesses. As part of this service, we evaluate the organization’s internal security and defense structure, perform a comprehensive, safety-related risk analysis of internal operating processes and regulatory systems, and a complete evaluation and threat assessment of security protection systems as well as IT systems.

Private investigation

Our professional and lawful information gathering activities are carried out within the legal framework utilizing relevant and completely legal tools. This includes special data collection and evaluation, evidence gathering and analysis as well as monitoring. Background checks of business partners and competitors in terms of reliability, authenticity, and creditworthiness are also part of our complex service portfolio. We are able to reveal the complete command structure of any company, map business interests, mergers, and business relationships. We can disclose information on the past, the real worth and creditworthiness of the surveyed company, including information on payment morale, financial stability and enforceability.

In addition, reliability-, authenticity- and credit checking processes (vetting) of co-workers is also part of the portfolio. As part of the service, we check the authenticity of submitted personal data, personal wealth, and collect and analyze background information on lifestyle and family.

Unlike our competitors, we are capable of performing real fieldwork to get the most accurate information for our customers.